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"As a company that values great customer service and an even better product,  we highly recommend DAVID ELLIOT Poultry.  Their service is reliable and steady, and their product is truly farm fresh! They never disappoint. Our more than 30-year relationship speaks for itself."

- Michael Schick of Catering by Michael SchickCatering by Michael Schick
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David Elliot is the poultry of choice for celebrated chefs, restaurants & caterers

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Full range of quality product capabilities, from 1lb rock cornish hens to 18lb turkeys.

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since c. 1960


since 1976

Kashrus: More than a symbol

At David Elliot, kashrus doesn’t restrict our operations, it drives them.
It’s our ‘why’, the very reason we began processing poultry. We are passionate about Kashrus and take it seriously at every moment and in every step.

David Elliot shochatim work in-house and full-time. This unique arrangement fosters an atmosphere of teamwork and commitment, and ensures consistent kashrus and quality. Beyond their legendary skill, our shochatim are highly respected for their yiras shamayim and ehrlichkeit in the local Scranton community where they live.

In keeping with our mesorah, birds with any kashrus questions are carefully examined. Whenever a mashgiach encounters a questionable bird, he moves it to a side table, allowing the trained bodek to conduct a thorough inspection at his own pace.

Every step of our processing and its machinery has been built around improving and implementing trailblazing kashering methods. For example, our salted birds are never stacked on a conveyor belt. Rather, they are hung on the hooks of a custom overhead drip line for better draining and supervision.

From conducting each kashrus check at its earliest possible opportunity, to keeping our facility chometz-free year-round, we prioritize kashrus above profits. A key example is our approach to preparing chickens for salting: we remove the last joint of a chicken’s wing entirely, rather than merely trimming the end and running the risk of an insufficient opening for proper kashering.

A closer look at our kashrus


Family operated, family loved.

Since 1942, our family has lived by a heritage of pursuing and doing better.
To this day, we continue to set standards in kashrus for the entire poultry industry, while leading by example in healthier, more humane, more honest processes across the entire farm-to-table journey.

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