Loyalty and Trust, Earned

For decades, our customers have chosen to return to David Elliot for seconds and thirds. And, over the years, many of these customers have grown from clients to friends.

Stores and caterers alike love to work with our family because they know they can rely on us for consistent, cut-above quality and freshness — delivered on-time with warmth, honesty, and care.

Maintaining these warm, long-standing relationships has motivated us to keep the quality standards our Grandpa David set and which you have come to enjoy.

Loyalty and Trust, Earned


Standards Raised Right

David Elliot birds are raised humanely and healthfully on small family farms throughout Central and Northeastern PA.



Any package that bears our name also bears our positive influence and quality assurance contributions:

  • We develop our own feed blend in collaboration with our veterinarians to promote the health of each bird
  • We never feed our chickens animal byproducts or growth-promoting antibiotics or hormones
  • We recognize that you are what you eat, and never cut a single corner to bring down the cost of live birds
  • Our USDA condemnation rates are among the lowest in the industry

And our calling card.

Our commitment to kashrus stems from the hands-on tradition of Jewish matriarchs kashering their own family’s chicken:

  • Our drive for superior kashrus enriches our decisions, it doesn’t merely restrict them
  • Accepted standards are only our starting point; to us, kashrus is about much more than just a hashgacha symbol
  • Our custom overhead salt line (no stacking on a belt) ensures salted chickens are processed in the most mehudar fashion by constant and thorough draining
  • Anything questionable is pulled from the production line and set aside on a stationary table to allow the bodek an in-depth psak without time constraints
  • We remove the full 3rd joint of the wing to avoid the possibility of incomplete soaking and salting

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Of the numerous ways to inflate a chicken’s weight (and the processor’s profit margin), we choose absolutely none:

  • Our chickens, capons, and every other bird we process are raised naturally; never force-fed or overgrown through unnatural hormones or antibiotics
  • By removing cartilage and other remnants, we serve you pure, premium meat. Every morsel you buy ends up on your plate.
  • We go to great lengths to minimize the water absorption common in poultry, so you pay for more chicken and less water
  • Processing smaller birds than industry norms results in fewer pounds to sell, but their maximized flavor makes it well worth it. We hope you agree!

Feeding entire communities

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